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Why Recycle Foam?

The foam takes up considerable space in landfills and deteriorates very slowly. Landfill regulations determine how big one can be, not how heavy. Thus, the size of foam products results in less landfill life. Decreasing landfill space is concerning because North Carolina only has room to landfill waste for approximately 40 more years at currently permitted facilities – and residents of any municipality will often fiercely fight the construction of new landfills near them.




About Us

Greensboro Beautiful, Inc. (GBI), a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) volunteer organization, which partners with the City of Greensboro and citizens of Greensboro to conserve and enhance the beauty and ecology of our community.  GBI combines the City of Greensboro paid full-time staff with private funding and support of individuals and corporations, civic and youth groups, foundations, faith communities, and families to initiate community enhancement projects and programs. 
Environmental Stewardship Greensboro (ESG), an interfaith volunteer coalition, encourages sustainable lifestyle practices within faith communities and among residents of Guilford County.  ESG believes that caring for the natural world is a spiritual imperative as well as a practical one.  ESG seeks to encourage, educate and support faith communities to be environmentally sustainable in their facilities and activities.  ESG encourages, educates, and supports members’ efforts to live sustainably in their homes and daily activities.

Tiny House Community Development (THCD), a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization, works to develop tiny house communities in Guilford County.  They intend to create safe, permanent, and affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness.  THCD is currently working with the City of Greensboro and the City of High Point to develop tiny house communities.



Foam Recycling Project Steering Committee


Paula Pierce

Bill McNeil

Scott Jones

Nancy Abrams

James Allred

David Gilbert

Nelson Stover

Laura McCoy (City of High Point)

Masey DeNoss (City of Greensboro)

Tori Carle (City of Greensboro)

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